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South Side Slim Fridays 8pm to Midnight


 South Side Slim Smokin' Hot Blues every Friday 8pm to Midnight

 South Side Sim every Friday, Henry Harris aka South Side Slim is a musician, songwriter, performer, and all-around philosopher about life. For Harris, the Blues come from down deep in his soul.  

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Palmer Jazz Project


   Palmer Jazz Project Drummer and founder Donald Palmer, son of New Orleans' legendary Hall of Fame drummer Earl Palmer, Ron was inspired by percussionists, including Willie BoBo, Tito Puente, Cyril Neville, Twin brother Ronald brings high energy and a backbeat flavor to the group. Donald can shine in all types of music, including jazz, Latin, R&B, hip hop and blues  8pm to Midnight   

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Strictly Jazz in the Zone

The JazzZone Network Presents  8pm to Midnight  

Roscoe's Jazz Lounge

JazzZone Ensemble


 JazzZone  MC host Roscoe Lee Owens. 

Musical director Stephen Foster with special guest musicians. Join us as “We Make Cool Jazz Sizzle”

MC host Roscoe Lee Owens.

  California is the entertainment capital.  join us in Long Beach and the enjoy the finest musicians. JazzZone provides and performs LIVE Entertainment for Luncheons, Brunches, Private Parties, Weddings, Concerts and Night clubs. www.jazzzone.net  music@JazzZone.Net 

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Don "The One" Bell, The Bell Storm Band


  Don “The One” Bell  is best known in the local Jazz circles as “Saxophonist Extraordinaire” for his smooth and melodic, yet electrifying and explosive style of performing. The source of Don’s appeal is his ability to make us feel what he feels while playing a song; whether it’s the powerful, heart thumping beats of his up-tempo tunes or the irresistibly soulful sounds of his slower, 

 8pm to Midnight  

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The Jazz Angels


 The Jazz Angels creates an environment for the youth of greater Long Beach to develop self-confidence and leadership skills while learning, playing and preserving jazz through professional music mentoring. These skills and experiences transcend the musical feeling and impact all areas of the young musician’s personal growth.   

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Express Yourself Karaoke Wednesdays 8pm to Midnight


 Express Yourself Karaoke every Wednesday

 15th Teddy B Karaoke every Wednesday.The best karaoke songs next time you feel like grabbing a mic and soaking up the spotlight. ... To help you, we've put together a playlist of the bestkaraoke songs  

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Roscoe's Jazz Lounge

Black Music Association Awards


Adonia R. Bailey

Downtown Juan


 Downtown Juan is an LA based band with a blend of traditional Latin music fused with urban American influences to create a trending "Cumbia Cali Sound". 5pm to 9pm

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JazzZone Quartet



JazzZone Quartet Featuring: Liz Lomax singer, Jerrell Ballard drums, Hilliard Wilson bass, Cengiz Yaltkaya pianol Jazz with a soulful Groove

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Sunday Senior Series, TBA 3pm to 6pm


 A Spesial Senior Citizen Sundays Featuring T-Lily and john "Elvis" Sunday and lots of Senior Citizens will Lip Sync Music, R&B. Lip sync is matching a speaking or singing  in a live performance Fathers  Day  

Pat Sheng June 7pm to 10pm


 Pat Sheng  Quartet with Michael Higgins on Guitar, Eric Messerschmidt on bass, and Satoshi Kirisawa on drums. 

Ray Bailey in the Zone

Ray Bailey guitar, Stephen Foster drums with special friends & guest musicians. 

MC host Roscoe Lee Owens 

“We Make Cool Jazz Sizzle”

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Smokin' Hot Blues Fridays

South Side Slim Fridays 8pm to Midnight                                                           

The Latin Groove Sundays

Don Littleton   The Latin Groove Sundays  

Special Performances

 The JazzZone Ensemble Ms. Linda Lee 

Special Performances

Don "the One" Bell   

Palmer Jazz Project

The Palmer Jazz Project  

Special Performances

 The JazzZone Ensemble featuring Jeff Robinson

Supporting the Youth on Stage

The Jazz Angles